A PDF processor written in Go.

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pdfcpu is a PDF processor written in Go supporting encryption.

Use the Command Line Interface

Use shell scripts and the CLI to build your PDF processing pipelines for batch processing. pdfcpu's rich command line also allows the processing of encrypted files. You can use pdfcpu to manipulate your PDF files on the command line of all major platforms.

Use as Library

Use the pdfcpu API to integrate PDF processing into your Go based backend systems.

Each operation is available file based (also used by pdfcpu’s CLI):

func OptimizeFile(inFile, outFile string, conf *pdf.Configuration) (err error)

and interface based (typically using io.ReadSeeker/io.Writer):

func Optimize(rs io.ReadSeeker, w io.Writer, conf *pdf.Configuration) error

Learn more about the API including examples for all operations at GoDoc.