A PDF processor written in Go.

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Remove Annotations

This command removes annotation from a PDF document by object number.

Have a look at some examples.


pdfcpu annotations remove [-p(ages) selectedPages] inFile [outFile] [objNr|annotId|annotType]...

Common Flags

name description values
v(erbose) turn on logging  
vv verbose logging  
q(uiet) quiet mode  
u(nit) display unit po(ints),in(ches),cm,mm
c(onf) config dir $path, disable
upw user password  
opw owner password  


name description required
inFile PDF input file yes
outFile PDF output file no
objNr… one or more objNrs no
annotId… one or more annotIds no
annotType… one or more annotTypes no


Remove annotation with object number 575 as taken from the output from pdfcpu annot list:

$ pdfcpu annot remove test.pdf 575
writing test.pdf...
pages: all

Remove annotations for first 5 pages:

$ pdfcpu annot remove -pages 1-5 test.pdf
writing test.pdf...
pages: 1,2,3,4,5

Remove all annotations:

$ pdfcpu annot remove test.pdf
writing test.pdf...
pages: all