A PDF processor written in Go.

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Set Page Mode

This command configures the page mode that shall be used when the document is opened.

Have a look at some examples.


pdfcpu pagemode set inFile value

Common Flags

name description values
v(erbose) turn on logging  
vv verbose logging  
q(uiet) quiet mode  
u(nit) display unit po(ints),in(ches),cm,mm
c(onf) config dir $path, disable
upw user password  
opw owner password  


name description required
inFile PDF input file yes
value page layout mode yes

Page Modes

name description
UseNone Neither document outline nor thumbnail images visible (default)
UseOutlines Document outline visible
UseThumbs Thumbnail images visible
FullScreen Optional content group panel visible (since PDF 1.5)
UseOC Display the pages two at a time, with odd-numbered pages on the right
UseAttachments Attachments panel visible (since PDF 1.6)


Set pagemode for test.pdf (case agnostic):

$ pdfcpu pagemode set test.pdf usethumbs
$ pdfcpu pagemode list test.pdf