A PDF processor written in Go.

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Common Flags

The following flags are used by most commands.
Please refer to pdfcpu help + command for specific usage information.

verbose, v

Enables logging on the standard output.


Very verbose.
Enables verbose logging on the standard output.
Please use this flag to report a bug.

quiet, q

Disables all output to stdOut.

conf, c

Set or disable config dir:

command value
Set path
Disable disable

unit, u

Set input display unit to one of:

unit value
points po(ints)
inches in(ches)
centimetres cm
millimetres mm

pages, p

A comma separated list of expressions defining the selected pages of a PDF input file.

mode, m

Used by various commands.
Please refer to validate, extract, encrypt, pages, stamp and watermark for more information.


Owner password
This is the password needed to change the access permissions. It is commonly also referred to as the master password or the permissions password. Since some PDF readers skip over blank owner passwords pdfcpu makes this mandatory and non empty if you want to encrypt your documents with pdfcpu.


User password
This is the password needed to open a PDF for reading. It is also known as the open doc password.