A PDF processor written in Go.

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Page Selection

The -pages flag allows you to select specific pages for processing when using the following commands:


The value of this flag is a string which is a comma separated list of expressions containing page numbers or page number ranges:

expression page selection
even include even pages
odd include odd pages
# include page #
#-# include page range
!# exclude page #
!#-# exclude page range
#- include page # - last page
-# include first page - page #
!#- exclude page # - last page
!-# exclude first page - page #
l include last page
nl exclude last page
#-l-1 include page # - (last page-1)

You can use either ! or n for negating an expression.
! needs to be escaped with single quotes on the command line.


Select the first three pages, page 5 and page 7 up to the end of the document:

-pages -3,5,7-

Select pages 4 to 7 but exclude page 6:

-pages '4-7,!6'

Select all pages other than page 5:

-pages '1-,!5' 

Select all odd pages and exclude page 1 and the last page:

-pages odd,n1,nl

Select all even pages and ensure the last page:

-pages even,l